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Is data really the new oil?

Oil has fuelled the economy for 150 years. Data is expected to do the same. Explore the similarities and – even bigger – differences between these two valuable resources.

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Artificial Intelligence, Big Data - and the future of democracy

Kevin Koerner of Deutsche Bank Research demands that democratic societies need a high degree of digital literacy if they are to remain viable in the future.


My passion: data analytics

Bronagh Riordan from Deutsche Bank’s data lab “The Hive” in Dublin provides insights into why collaboration is key for delivering data driven insights for the bank’s businesses — and for its clients.


“Know your client”

Markus Pertlwieser, Chief Digital Officer at Deutsche Bank, explains how data helps “to provide the right information to customers at the right time,” and what banks do differently to large Internet companies when dealing with data.


Regulating data: A moving target

Deutsche Bank’s Global Head of Regulatory Affairs Karin Dohm chats about the new data regulations facing banks and what they mean for clients.

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What is your browsing history worth?

From “very little” to thousands of euros – the people we asked had vastly different estimates about the value of their Internet browsing history to online retailers. See for yourself.


How does the Deutsche Bank data interface work?

Joris Hensen, Co-Head of the API program, explains what an API has in common with a multiple electrical socket, and how the customer can control, and profit from, the data stream.


Using data, protecting data: who do you think can manage this?

We asked 1,000 people in Germany what data they entrust to whom, and what they expect in return. Here are their responses.

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A two-horse race?

Is the United States or China winning the global competition in digital, data-driven technologies like artificial intelligence? And can Europe catch up?


What is data science?

Nil Patel, Head of Data Exploration at Deutsche Bank, explains what data science actually means, the role of data scientists and the challenges they face.


How should banks handle your data?

Clients have trusted banks with their data for generations. Have expectations changed in the era of big data? We asked around, and this is what we heard.


Watch out, an attack — fended off!

Cybercriminals are becoming ever more professional. With the Cyber Incident Response Center (CIRC), Deutsche Bank girds itself against worldwide attacks.

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Five examples of how your data can work for you

At your request, your bank is obliged to grant third parties access to selected bank details. We will show you why this can be beneficial to you.

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“The client will win”

Deutsche Bank’s Head of Blockchain Anja Bedford discusses the transformative power of cryptocurrencies and the role that banks will play.


About #MyDataAndI

Data is the stuff that dreams are made of. On the basis of data-derived insights, big platform businesses and small start-ups alike seek to make individualised offers to potential customers. Many people are just now beginning to understand the value of their data. They want to maintain control over them and want to know what is being done with their data, by whom and why.

On this website, the avatars Amy, Julian and Marcus invite you to chat with them – about what your data is worth in the “data economy”, about the ways you can profit even from your bank data, and about data protection and data security standards. The three fictional characters assume the perspectives of our diverse customers and pose questions that we all have. Openly, curiously and critically. Talk with them!

The information and figures in the chats with Amy, Julian and Marcus and in the slideshows were taken from various external studies and surveys from Deutsche Bank Research. Here is an overview:
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